Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Microwave Bacon Tips

Everyone loves bacon. White, flavors and perfect accoutrement for a breakfast meal, bacon is one of the number one meat consumed any time of day. One thing that many people hate cooking bacon. Fry the bacon is fat, dirty and takes forever. Fortunately it is possible to microwave bacon to perfection in minutes with very little mess and noise.

Microwaves have become a common appliance in many kitchens, and many people use to cook food that normally can not imagine to be cooked in a microwave oven. There are certain steps you must take in order to microwave bacon successfully. These simple steps can help ensure that your destination and crispy cooked bacon and also helps prevent the microwave to become a big mess.

To cook your bacon in the microwave, you'll need at least one dish in the microwave and paper towels. Place 1-2 paper towels on the plate, then put your bacon on the towel. You do not want to cook the bacon too much at once, or it will not cook properly. For best results, you should only cook 6-8 slices of bacon on the plate at a time or less if the plate is low. Next, the layer of paper towels 1-2 in bacon, then place the plate in the microwave.

Microwave bacon for about 5 minutes, stopping halfway to see the bacon. If your microwave does not plateau, rotate the plate so that if the bacon cooks evenly. You can also purchase a microwave bacon tray, specially designed to cook bacon in the microwave. These hills are pretty cheap and make bacon microwave cooking a breeze!

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