Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Drink local products

We have been increasingly informed about our environment and the impact we have on our environment. Here in the UK it seems that the benefits of local products are often over looked.

On a recent trip to Italy I was surprised by the quality of the food and drink, I was served. Enjoy meals in small businesses, I presented with food and drinks, which seemed a much higher level than that which I was used to at home experience.

Taking a look at the ingredients that were used, I realized that the Italians simple meals, but makes them also leave. They need to make not too complicated - the ingredients are so simple that they work for themselves.

It's the same with their beer and wine. We are accustomed to it, mediocre Pinot Grigios in pubs and restaurants served across the UK, but the level of the wine in Italy is clearly quite high. They suspect that they are the best drinks for yourself again.

Looking for non-Italian wines at a wine list is almost impossible, and it's easy to see why. If the ingredient is so good, why should they want to drink wine somewhere else?

It's the same with the beers. Sure, go tap the odd topics pub and imported beers, but the Italians usually abide by their own bride.

Why do we have not the same attitude in the United Kingdom. Why is it that we don't see that the best food and drink is expected to be local, often produced on a smaller scale and relatively simple production methods used.

The next time that you to in an English pub walk, maybe you should buy one imported drink to forget. Choose for a beer from a local brewery instead - you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the drinks on offer.

Not only will you enjoy a drink, you will support a local business.

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