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Good Strategies for "Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom"

FoodHomeStyleMoneyFamilyHealthShiftMore This SeasonSimplify the SeasonTailgating HomeFood & DrinkFood & HealthRaw FoodGood Strategies for "Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom"Good Strategies for "Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom"Print this article"Empire: Rise of the Middle Kingdom" is a civilization simulation game set in ancient China in which players must build cities and elevate them to great heights. While you seek to maintain the basic needs and safety of your citizens, malicious forces including angry ancestors, unruly mobs and foreign armies conspire to make this task difficult for you. Since your enemies are constantly ready for you to display a weakness, there are some measures you should take to safeguard yourself in each city.

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Players who don't pay homage in the form of money, raw materials, finished goods and food to "heroes" -- ancestors who acts as deities to your population -- will see them wrecking havoc on the city. Expand your "Ministries" tab and highlight "Religion" to open the interface from which you can monitor the heroes' current dispositions toward you and make offerings. Particularly contented heroes may visit your city and bestow blessings and other bonuses.


Build a city wall around your city as soon as possible and station archers on the walls to ward off invaders. Search for a location that is mostly surrounded by mountain ranges and close off the remaining perimeter with walls and a gate, then build within the walls and rocks to save time and money early on in the game.


Gardens and plazas are inexpensive fixtures that boost the mood of any household in their range. These places of solace may be all that keep your people sane and help them avoid rioting during droughts, times of turmoil and instances of warfare. Most citizens are also more tolerant of excessive taxing with these amenities in place.


Raw materials are developed on a limited number of lots, so proper allocation is a must. Take note of what surrounding cities want to import from you via the commerce tab of the "Ministries" window, then devote the majority of your lots to fillings these needs. Build only one wheat farm, four fishing buildings and four hunting buildings to sufficiently provide for your own people.

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