Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food, Drink, and Roadway Behaviors

As Americans spend more time in their vehicles, stuck in slow-moving traffic or making long-distance commutes a daily activity, the average driver finds the need to entertain more tasks on the road. According to a study backed up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 65 percent of almost-crashes and 80 percent of actual collisions are due multitasking while driving. With these kinds of numbers, it seems self-evident that, despite the claims of many that multitasking is a natural part of life, eating and drink while driving poses an immediate danger to those on the road.

The study went further, rating each item by its impact on driver safety. According to the study, coffee is found to be the most dangerous food-related culprit, although this may also be due to the frequency which Americans drink the beverage. Especially in morning drives, drinking coffee en route to work can be a dangerous combination that removes attention from the road and on to drivers' amenities. Following coffee, the study found soup to the be most troublesome food. Considering the usual steps taken to eat soup, this comes as no surprise. Both soup and coffee are hot items, meaning that any spill creates an extra effort for quick clean-up. However, distractions of this nature can easily cause a driver to take his or her mind off of the road, leaving him or her subsequently unable to make quick adjustments if road conditions change.

Several other items were placed on the list that should be avoided, including tacos, chili dogs, and hamburgers, all of which are either common food items or require additional effort to eat. In cases such as tacos, two hands are usually used to eat a taco. Were a driver to eat a taco normally, he or she would no longer be controlling his or her vehicle safely. This is a problem that drivers seem to ignore, preferring their own comfort and convenience over road safety. Find out more about driver safety and how multitasking plays a role in driver negligence by contacting a car accident attorney.

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