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How to Grow Cucumbers as Shapes

Pickling cucumbers are half the size of slicing cukes.

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Crunchy, refreshing cucumbers are members of a large botanical family that also includes melons and squash. Cucumbers come in two main types, slicing and pickling, but both grow naturally in an oblong, slender shape. Since cucumbers are loaded with healthy polyphenols, it's good to add them frequently to your diet. One way to make serving these cruciferous vegetables more interesting is by growing them into different shapes. Shaping the vegetables won't harm the plant or diminish the veggie's nutritional value. Specialty kitchen supply stores sell reusable heart and star-shaped molds. These plastic molds are reusable if cleaned properly between growing periods.

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Place your cucumber plants in a large growing pot or in your garden. Cultivate the plant by watering and feeding it regularly. Cucumbers take six to eight weeks to begin producing bloom.


Locate a young, growing cucumber 2 to 3 inches in length. Slice the plastic mold over the cucumber. Arrange the cucumber on the vine so the mold doesn't slip off.


Allow the cucumber to grow for 10 days, then remove the cucumber from the vine. Slip off the mold and rinse.

Tips & Warnings

Tempt children to try this vegetable by serving heart-shaped cucumber slices.

Remove the cucumber from the mold while there is still wiggle room left. Waiting until it is too tight could make it impossible to remove.

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