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How to Make a Red Pepper Wreath

Hanging a red pepper wreaths on the front door is said to bring good luck.

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Red pepper wreaths are a beautiful decoration to add to any home to provide a southwestern flare. Dried red peppers can last for several years if hung out of direct sunlight and cleaned regularly, making them an ideal material for creating wreaths. Purchase red peppers in stores where vegetables are sold, or grown them in your own garden. To protect your eyes from potential burns from the peppers, wear safety goggles and gloves while creating this craft project.

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Dry the red peppers. Wash any dirt from your peppers. Thread a long piece of heavy string through the needle and tie a knot at the end opposite the needle. String each pepper by inserting the needle and thread directly beneath the green stem. The peppers should be facing downward. Once all of the peppers are strung, hang them in the direct sunlight for up to several weeks, or until they are completely dry.


Wrap the string of dried red peppers around the wreath form. Secure the peppers to the wreath form using floral wire. Continue wrapping the peppers so that the wreath form and floral wire is completely covered.


Attach an arch-shaped hanger to the wreath form. The length of the hanger will be dependent on your personal preferences, as well as what is ideal for the area where the wreath will be hung.


Attach a raffia bow to the bottom of the red pepper wreath, if desired. Use floral wire to attach it to the peppers.

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