Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Essen, trinken und die Man Boob Verbindung

Man boobs, or Moobs, sometimes called as they, as the undesirable development of breasts in a man. This can be from a number of different factors. One such factor is the food and drinks, a man decides that place in his mouth. Men often viewed eater of the world in the company as the "meat and potatoes". While this is not necessarily a bad thing, man of boobs in the course of time can lead to the development of it.

While man can develop male age group tits in each, is the most popular men in the range of 40 to 50 years old age. As a whole are adipose tissue deposits, which are not way simply man boobs. This can explain the appearance later in the life of a man. Food and beverage consumption over time increased estrogen in the male body. Left untreated, hardens the breast tissue and is a self-esteem issue for men. It is difficult for a man for members of the opposite sex with the development of man of boobs on his chest attractive feel. In turn are not that many women either an attractive feature in a man to.


Several food sources are connected to the post man of boobs. Sausages are meat and at the top of this list. The contamination comes not as much of the meat itself but from the meat source, i.e. cows. Many meat production equipment injecting cows with growth hormones stimulate the growth cycle of the cow. A larger cow leads to more money in meat products. Much of this growth hormone injection is filled with estrogen. In a man who is a big meat eater, this can cause problems. First of all, if this man is also overweight. The digestion of estrogen meat filled that will increase estrogen found in a male body. Increasing this level estrogen is the body in a normal manner by the production of man of boobs. In some cases, this can result even for the secretion of milk from the enlarged breast tissue.

Soy is another product that should be avoided whenever possible. On a form, bean soy contains certain levels of plant estrogen. Levels of soy plant estrogen cannot generate pure estrogen behavior or mental reaction in the body. But the body can be deceiving by estrogen in which plant it think pure estrogen actually receives. The body is error-prone results with the feeling of which in a system, natural estrogen, i. e. Man boobs.


Virtually every person may kick back and have each a beer with his once in a while friends. This is not harmful in moderation, but it can be something, man of boobs that contributes to the development, if it is disabled. The principle is simple. Beer reduces the amounts of testosterone in the male body and that increase is a female hormone estrogen.

For a few drinks with the boys is to prove have no long-term effect this sometimes. However, for a man who has a high beer intake to build in the course of the levels of estrogen are the time still in the body. As in this case the body appropriately handle this high level through the development of breast tissue. The end result is man boobs.

Man of boobs development is not limited to beer. Alcohol can play a role in the development in General, if consumed in large quantities. As alcoholic beverages are captured, you start testosterone levels to decrease in the body. Ingredients in alcohol mix chemicals in estrogen levels on the rise with the body. In the course of time the body cannot determine, that estrogen levels of alcohol come. The end result is unwanted man boob development.

Recreational drugs

Man of boobs can lead to the development of participation in the recreational use of marijuana. The active ingredient in this drug is TCH a testosterone is suppressant. To build with nothing to testosterone levels brings the body naturally to estrogen production. Fat deposits continued to grow and finally turn in the development of man of boobs.


The presence of man of boobs rises rapidly in society. It is not the stigma it today as it was a few years ago. Processed food certainly plays a role. More and more are our food over processed with chemicals. Alcohol consumption is on the rise as well as. Many men are to be not the "meat and potatoes" style of food. As with everything else in life, food and beverage consumption in moderation the key is to prevent that unwanted development man of boobs.

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