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How to Grow Orange King Bell Peppers

Print this articleOrange King bell peppers are mild and sweet with festive orange skin and flesh. Home gardeners raise Orange King bell peppers to brighten up dishes that call for bell peppers, notably stir fries in which they are frequently combined with red and green bells for a colorful contrast. Grow Orange King bell peppers the same way you grow other types of bell peppers.

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Start Orange King bell pepper seeds 3/4-inch deep in peat pots for a head start on pepper-growing season. Allow the seedlings to grow for approximately six weeks and reach 1-foot tall.


Transplant Orange King bell peppers once the weather has turned warm and the plants will not be subjected to temperatures below about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Move seedlings to their permanent place in the garden in the spring. The soil should be warm.


Plant the seedlings about 1 1/5 feet to 2 feet apart in well-drained, loamy soil.


Stake a pepper plant when the fruit begins to weigh the stalk down. Push a stick into the ground next to the plant and tie the plant stalk to the stick.


Fertilize after having the soil tested to determine what amendments your soil needs and how often to apply fertilizer.


Water frequently enough to keep the roots damp. Mulch with organic material to help retain moisture.


Orange King bell peppers are harvested after the fruit has turned from green to orange. When the peppers reach the size and color you prefer, cut them from the stalk with small pruning shears.

Tips & Warnings

Plant Orange King bell peppers in a climate that is frost-free for at least four months. These peppers do not grow well in cold weather.

Use these brightly colored bells in stir fries, salads or on a vegetable tray for dipping.

Keep plants moist in hot, dry weather by using a soaker hose.

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