Sunday, December 25, 2011

How Drinking Juice or Soup Before Your Junk Food Can Help You Lose Weight

Most of us who gain excess weight are likely to gain it for one simple reason; overeating junk food. As hard as it is to lose the weight it is extremely easy to gain it this way. So what does this mean for you if you are trying to lose weight? You have to cut back on the overeating and the amount of junk food you take in.

The reality is the best way to lose the weight and be healthy is to completely stop eating junk food altogether but unfortunately it can be hard to cut out the junk food completely as processed and pre-made food is everywhere and we associate this kind of food in our life when out in social functions or even at night when we are watching our favourite program.

So if you are inclined to reach for the junk food and haven't found a way to stop over-eating it then you may want to try the 'juice or soup before the junk food' trick.

Before you sit down to eat whatever fried, processed, or just plain sugary food you are about to eat have a glass, or two, of juice and wait a few minutes before eating, or eat a bowl, or two, of soup before eating it.

The juice or soup will start to make you feel full and the chances are that you will not only not overeat but you may not eat the junk at all!

The hard part is getting past the thought of not wanting to have the juice or soup for fear it may take away the desire for the junk food. It's an irrational fear but it is there nonetheless.

Once you start doing it all the time and make a habit of it, the fear will be removed, and the thought of being healthy to your body will take its place.

The other hard part is actually wanting to make the juice or soup, as it takes some effort, instead of just sitting down and eating your junk food. But this excuse can be avoided by making it ahead of time. Have bottles of juice in the fridge or make a huge pot of soup on the weekend and it will be available to you throughout the entire week.

This will help you eat less of the bad food and eat more of the low calorie food if you do it consistently. But there is one warning!

Do not eat cream of whatever soup with tons of cheese on top and maybe some other 'dressing' on the side. Instead opt in for vegetable soup or plain old tomato soup as this is going to be the least amount of calories for the biggest amount of feeling full power.

Healthy nutrition can be hard when you are used to eating unhealthy junk food, but with tricks like drinking juice or eating soup before junk food you can help yourself eat better and lose weight.

Kari is the owner of Alternative Health Ideas.

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