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Wine Pairing for a Caramelized Onion Tart

Pairing wine and cheesy tarts is a treat for the tastebuds.

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Wine pairing is all about pleasing the palate. A wine may taste good on its own, as may a caramelized onion tart. When those two items are paired together, however, they become a distinct culinary experience. The key to achieving a delightful rather than distasteful experience is choosing the right wine to pair with your tart recipe.

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The first place to start when seeking to pair your caramelized onion tart with wine is your tart recipe. Examine what’s in it. Caramelized onion tarts can be light when onions are combined with cauliflower or mushrooms, or they can take on a rich nuttiness when combined with gruyere or goat cheese. Always boasting a flaky, buttery crust, caramelized onion tarts are generally sweet and sometimes quite rich. Because of the variation that exists in how a caramelized onion tart can be made, there are multiple wines that pair well with these tasty tarts.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc wines feature a strong body accented by a fruity flavor. These white wines are crisp with a touch of sweetness, which makes them pair well with the sweet, rich flavor of the tart. A good wine pairing brings out elements of the food dish with which it’s paired. In this case, the fruity undertones of a sauvignon blanc highlight the sweetness of the tart. However, its crispness contrasts well with the richness of the tart, making a sauvignon blanc an interesting and pleasing pairing.

Pinot Grigio

Like sauvignon blancs, pinot grigios are white wines with a crisp yet fruity aftertaste. They have a balanced acidic texture and often feature fruits like pineapple, grapefruit and orange. Honey is another common flavor of a pinot grigio. As one of the most heavily imported wines in America, pinot grigios enjoy popularity among wine drinkers. Their light, refreshing sweet flavors make them an excellent choice for pairing with a caramelized onion tart appetizer.

Light Red Wine

While white wines work wonderfully with caramelized onion tarts, you can opt for a light red or rose wine if you or your guests don’t care for white wines. Rose wines are made by bleeding juice from different wine vats together before red wine has a chance to develop a strong, deep color. The lighter color signifies a slow fermentation process. Rose wines are light, crisp, sweet and smooth, which makes them an excellent choice for a pairing with a caramelized onion tart, especially one made with cauliflower, mushrooms or asparagus.

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