Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick Tip: Roasted Red Peppers

DaisyMartinezI make balanced, delicious, healthy meals for my family and friends that are easy to prepare and easy on the pocket. The food of Latin America has so much diversity, I find an endless palate to choose from: Food that is colorful, sassy, vibrant, sexy, and can be as spicy as you want!

Before going out and splurging on that jar of roasted red peppers, consult Daisy Martinez who shows you how rewarding (and simple) it is to roast your own. You just need a knife, a stove top, a wet paper towel and of course, a plump red pepper.See MoreTranscriptI'm Daisy Martinez, one of Rachael Ray's Buddies for Today I'm going to show you how to make delicious roasted red bell peppers right on your stove top. So we have one working there and basically you just take the pepper just like this and you put it on your stove top. It takes between five and seven minutes to do. Once your pepper is ready, you pick it up and you wrap it in damp paper towels. It's going to be hot because it just came off the stove but you just set it aside, let it cool and what we do is we unwrap it, top and tail, beautiful, gorgeous, unzip, open her up, take out the goop, degoopify, I think I'm going to coin that phrase, any tough ribs out, okay, flip her over and again you don't want to flip her over on the, just fold over one sheet of the paper towel so you have a clean surface to, you don't want any char in the back of your pepper and then just scrape it off. How fab is that? And you don't blow your next month's rent on fresh sweet red peppers, on a jar of roasted red peppers and I don't know there's something about fresh roasted red peppers on a table that I love. When you have company, you want to put out a couple of cheeses, some pretty bread, some nice dry sausage and just a plate of red peppers, just love it. Okay we pick up our pepper, do some housekeeping, the one that got away and then we just slice our pepper. And there you have it, beautiful delicious, fresh roasted red peppers on 23, 2011Yum! Terri Jo Lorz.Latin Flavors: Videos (23)

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