Tuesday, December 20, 2011

History Of Food Allergies

The history of food allergies in this case means the transition of a person's life. In other words we are not going to refer to the history in relation to when the first person to develop food allergies was recorded and how that has increased over time. Instead we are going to look at how a person can progress with their own history of food allergies. You will find that your history of food allergies is going to change. First the history will depend on three factors: the age of onset, type of food(s), and the initial reaction.

You see most children that have a food allergy have found that as adults or as young adults they no longer have it. This is because of the causes. The immune system is the cause for the symptoms a person experiences. In other words the immune system finds an antibody or protein that it doesn't know, and it attacks. As the immune system ages with a child it develops a tolerance to more things introduced to the system. In other words the immune system can develop a tolerance for something that you were once allergic to because it has a more developed system for dealing with antibodies. Think of metabolism for a moment. A person with a slow metabolism does not digest food as fast as someone with a more energetic metabolism. So as a person ages and the immune system develops further it can handle more things. This means that your history of food allergies will change. You may as a child have been allergic to peanuts, but as an adult you are now able to eat anything with peanuts because your body is capable of breaking down the antibodies.

So your history depends on your age. You will find that adults can have late onset of food allergies as the body develops an inability to deal with certain foods. The type of food can determine how allergic you are and whether that allergy may persists throughout your life. It could mean that you just stop eating that food for a while, and that in two years you will no longer have an allergy. If the allergic reaction is extremely severe with the first incidence you are more like to have a longer history of food allergies that will continue. You may even find in your history of food allergies that you develop multiple allergies to food.

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