Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rare Food Allergies

Many of us are aware that food allergies exist, but when we think of them we consider them to be almost rare because there does not seem to be a large number of the population afflicted with it. Therefore it may be considered a rare food allergy by many standards. However you will find that there are some food allergies that are rarer than others. This is usually determined by the number of cases that have been reported by doctors. Three of the most rare food allergies are chamomile tea, fruit, and gluten. You will find that some of the more common of it are eggs, dairy, wheat, shellfish, seafood, tree nuts, and peanuts. In fact many places have begun to advertise their menus regarding these specific food allergies because they are becoming more and more common, but for those who suffer from gluten, fruit, or chamomile tea allergies you will find that they are not as well known and not considered to be as important in restaurants.

First of all there are three cases involving chamomile tea in the current studies I have found online. The allergen is actually caused by the plant that the chamomile tea is made from so it is not only a food allergy, but it is also a plant allergy as well. In the case of this rare food allergy you will find that any contact with the herb or the actual tea will cause the affected person to have hives, breathing issues, and other symptoms related to food allergies such as runny noses, and abdominal pain. It is very important that if you suspect your child or anyone suffers from the rare food allergies to make sure they seek help for the issue right away. It is not enough to just avoid the allergen that causes the problem, in some cases the food allergies can be so severe that a person needs to have epinephrine administered immediately to avoid death. You will also find that rare food allergies can be a combination of common and the more rare food allergies that are known.

In other words some individuals present the rarest of food allergies in having issues with several of the common food allergies combined. This means that for some eating wheat, corn, rice, diary, fruit, eggs, and nuts can be rolled into one case of food allergy, and therefore they have to limit practically everything they eat.

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