Monday, December 12, 2011

Water, The Bodies Favorite Raw Food

Most likely all of us have been ill or felt weak at one point or another in our lives and just hoped that the pain and torment would disappear. In many cases sickness and discomfort can be attributed to a lack of proper nutrition and raw food intake. Our health is a complex subject that depends on an expansive array of variables. One of the most vital raw food variables is water. Purified drinking water is one of the most critical elements to staying healthy. Shocking even to me still, medical research claims the brain, our blood and lungs all consist of around 80% or more water. These numbers are pretty staggering and really highlight water as a crucial raw food for the body. Flowing inside of us all over, water in some capacity facilitates almost every action we take. Just reading and processing this article demands your physical and mental systems to have water available. Water is full of redeeming qualities and by viewing it truly as a raw food it becomes easier to appropriately incorporate into our diets. To a raw food enthusiast water must never be the boring drink on the menu. It should be viewed as a food fuel that powers our essence. It would be wise to avoid taking water for granted and to begin embracing it. Now would be a great time to review some of the reasons why water's place in our raw food diets is essential and not as difficult to manage as we may think.

Drinking a glass of water may not conjure visions of nourishment and empowerment but this seemingly simple compound is often more powerful than we realize. What we usually do not completely comprehend is that water consumption strengthens a large portion of our bodily functions. Even something as simple as PH balance may provide a hint that the contributions of water as a raw food source may be larger than we think. Water is the focal feature of our PH ranges which ties directly into immune stability, energy viability and the handling of oxygen processes. While still on the subject of PH levels and oxygen water injects its powers onto our breathing as well. Water is an oxygen distribution aid and an accumulator of carbon dioxide which lets our air flows flourish. Another water function revolves around our Kidneys. Water dilutes the toxic fluid urea which allows the kidney and other body tissues to perform. Water is also a proven deterrent of kidney stones. I am sure at one time or another we have all found our muscles, bones, joints and limbs to be exhausted. Utilizing water as a raw food can help many of our bodies characteristics to rejuvenate, energize and age slower. Medical issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and continual backaches can in many cases be curbed and contained by increasing our use of water as a raw food. A revealing sign of waters value is its value to pregnant and nursing women. Providing for another life, expecting mothers depend on water to assure the baby has proper nutrient delivery, blood circulation and fetal nourishment. If helping babies stay alive was not enough water personally discourages constipation, heartburn, migraines, ulcers, gastritis, dehydration and fatigue. Water can even prevent such traumas as brain damage, cancer, heart disease and strokes. Water as a raw food resource is one of the quintessential aspects to us feeling good and maximizing our potentials. By drinking more and cooking with it in our raw food recipes we will be securing a sizeable health advantage for ourselves.

Sourcing purified and contaminant free drinking water is nearly a requirement for preserving our bodies and catering to its needs. Water as a significant piece of our cell make up is one of the most important components to our physiological success. We must constantly be looking for new ways to incorporate water into our diets and raw food smoothie and soup recipes are one great way to accomplish this. Here are a few more easy tips to aid our water intake levels. Make water available around the temperature you like. Maybe smoothies if you like cold and soups if you like hot. Teas and even a cold or warm glass of just water with a little lemon are other ways to adjust water temperature to encourage consumption. Drinking through a straw and drinking water at hotter temperatures are some other approaches that have worked when trying to increase results. A safely tested filtration system and clean water accessibility are some further keys to assuring water stays a part of your raw food menus. Regardless of what angle you take if you care about your health and well-being then including water into your life on a more frequent basis should be a goal.

Proponents of raw food should have a passion for drinking water and cooking with it. Water represents a positive tomorrow. Our bodies crave it and it is ideal to satisfy these longings. Without water we can become crippled, confused and confined. With water our fitness and health blossom in new directions. Workouts are more productive with it, our bodies cherish it and almost anybody that has studied its qualities will recommend it. We all should have a great respect for water and by thinking outside the box and really understanding water for the raw food that it is will only enhance our experiences. Drinking more purified water is about becoming a better person and when we can learn how to cook with it we really expand our horizons. Bring more water into your life now and thank me later. Try some of our raw food recipe cookbooks, add more water to your life and educate your mind through some of our raw food research and you will not be disappointed with the result.

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