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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe - Buffalo Tried and True

This Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe is like eating a chicken wing, with a spicy kick from Frank's Red Hot Sauce, and a nice cooling effect of creamy Bleu Cheese and Cheddar, only without the mess. Scouring the internet for a perfect recipe, you come across quite a few variations, some are region specific, some just look down right awful. Some people prefer Ranch to their Bleu Cheese, some areas have no idea what Franks Red Hot Sauce is, even more, some people use canned chicken for their Buffalo Chicken Dip. Not exactly sure what planet these people live on, but if I am going to offer something while tailgating for an event, or for family members at a picnic, I am not using canned chicken. In a pinch I will purchase a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery store but I prefer to bake or grill my own chicken ahead of time and shred it prior to adding it to the mixture of cheese and spice that make up my buffalo chicken dip. This recipe contains many Buffalo, NY specific ingredients, one of which is Franks Red Hot Sauce. If you don't have access to Franks locally, buy some online. Franks is used in authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing sauces, and will really give your recipe a kick.

The other product is Rooties Blue Cheese dressing. This dressing is a little more difficult to find online, so if you do not have access to it substitute your favorite bleu cheese dressing. With football season kicking into full gear, this buffalo chicken dip recipe is perfect for your Saturday College Football or Sunday NFL parties with friends and family. If you are lucky enough to make your way to a game and get the full experience of tailgating, this buffalo chicken dip recipe is perfect. So without further ado, I present to you a Buffalonian's take on a dip that has been created and recreated by people everywhere. Please feel free to leave comments on the recipe, and please enjoy.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Ultimate Tailgating Dip


24oz of Chicken, Shredded - I grill or bake 3 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves which I have removed any fat from, then shred them. If you are in a pinch, I highly recommend buying a rotisserie chicken from your local food market and shredding it yourself.(2) 8oz packages of Cream Cheese softened1 cup of Frank's Red Hot Sauce1 cup of Rootie's Blue Cheese Dressing2 cups of Mild Cheddar cheeseOptional - Scallions for garnishServe with Tortilla Chips, Toasted Pitas, Celery or Carrots


Preheat your oven to 350 degreesIn a large mixing bowl, combine the bleu cheese, cream cheese, half a cup of the cheddar, and the hot sauce until mixed through.Fold in the chicken pieces and transfer to a 9′x11′ baking dish or tin. Top with the remaining cheddar cheese.Bake the mixture uncovered for 25-30 minutes until the mixture is bubbly and somewhat browned on the top.

Let it sit for a few minutes to cool down, you don't want your guests burning their mouth on extremely hot Buffalo Chicken Dip. After serving this Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe, you will surely be asked how you made it, so feel free to share the recipe, or keep it as a secret if you want to remain the talk of the block or your tailgating group. That is entirely up to you! I have actually used this recipe to make a pizza if you somehow wind up having leftovers.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

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