Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cupcake Gift Boxes

ByRachel Stenner

Do you love to bake and cook? Do you spend hours making and icing delicious cupcakes only to find that they get damaged whilst being transported? Would you like to give your cupcakes as gifts for a teacher or friend but aren't quite sure how to package them so that they look like the gift that they are meant to be?

are a great way to get around any of these problems. Not only do they come in sizes that fit individual cupcakes and sizes with room for several cupcakes but there are a whole host of designs to suit almost every occasion.

Whether you prefer a plain box in white or neutral pastels, or a highly decorative box, they are not only well designed but are remarkably economical too. In addition they are designed so that the cupcakes inside cannot move around and get damaged.

As well as cupcake boxes designed for Christmas, Easter or for children there are also boxes that are aimed at the trend to incorporate cupcakes into a wedding. In place of a traditional wedding cake many guests now have a cupcake tower. This means that if guests have already eaten enough during the wedding meal they can take their share of the wedding cake home. for wedding cakes come in all kinds of designs including designs with heart shaped windows in the top to show off the wedding cake inside.

For children's birthday parties cupcake boxes can be a great alternative to the traditional party favor bag. They are available in hundreds of designs to suit almost any party theme and allow a child to take home a cupcake from the party to eat later. Not only does this spread out the amount of sugar that the child eats in the day, but having cupcakes instead of a single birthday cake allows children with allergies to join in too.

Not only that but decorating their cupcake box can be a great activity for children at a party. Providing plain cupcake boxes and lots of craft materials and stickers that fit in with the birthday theme means that children can get very involved in creating their own favor box with which to take their cupcake home. This works especially well for children who love crafts and are happy to take part in a quiet activity.

Overall cardboard are a great way of turning a thoughtful homemade gift into something that extra bit special.

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