Monday, December 5, 2011

Fine Dining: Walking on the Wild Side

There is the new standard of fine. It does not have to be old. It no longer has to be new. Additionally, it only has to be authentic to itself. Up until the last course, it just has to be fine dining.

A patron of a restaurant knows when he or she is getting the impeccable service with the plates showcasing selections made precisely to entertain even the most over-stimulated of palates. The ends are still the same, but the process has changed. An interesting comparison to know the difference is with music. There are some songs that stir emotions, captivate the mind, and overall entertain one's senses if only for a matter of minutes. Likewise, there are songs that do not involve concentration or thought, and are just there for brief amusement. Fine dining is the cuisine that will captivate all senses, while casual dining will offer similar comfort as a favorite radio hit from school days. With that in mind, fine dining is an entertaining ever-changing experience.

No longer is the cuisine that satisfied the old standards satisfactory. It is possible to put the blame on new developments dieting for the elite customer. Having all resources, fresh when desired, transforms dietary needs. Instead of following a set calendar most dependent on the weather, there is a need to mix and match with style. It is not just combining unlikely pairs of ingredients together, but making sure that the product is satisfying to the taste with impressive nutrient content. So how does one develop a palate for fine dining? How does one become more open-minded to order a novelty at a posh table? The answer is not simply making a reservation and ordering the easiest to pronounce thing on the menu.

The new fine dining does not involve smoke and mirrors, or a fog of mystery. Instead, being involved with one's food choices is advised. Although one can make a blind reservation and a dinner selection based on reviews, it is most often best to order what is going to taste the best from that particular group of chefs. This by no means guarantees that it will taste the best to you, in fact, this is a risk. However, taking a walk on the wild side is the new fine dining.

If the wild side continues to call, it may even be possible to get to know fine dining establishments from their inside workings. There are chef's classes for avid bakers. There are taste parties during which patrons get to try selections from a rotating menu. Trying many selections will make a patron better acquainted with a restaurant overall flair and specialties. From the restaurant's point of view, an enthused, loyal patron will spread the word and come around more often.

The greatest disservice one can do to a chef or oneself is to order something generic in a situation where a unique delicacy was the next line over. There is casual dining for that. The most important thing to remember is realize that fine and casual are rarely interchangeable.

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