Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flying Saucers Sweets Are Great for Children's Parties

ByChristopher Jay Jones

Everyone knows that kids and candy are inseparable. They love to shove anything sweet and colourful into their mouths. So what better way to spice up a birthday party than by splashing out a bagful of flying saucer sweets? And what better way to reward trick or treaters than with a fistful of these tasty beauties. Since the 1960s these sweets have been a kids' favourite and with many new flavours being introduced every year, they will continue to remain so. Each saucer just melts into your mouth in a delicious paste that leaves you reaching for another one, and another one.

These sweets usually come as a jar of 300 or 600 multicoloured pieces of candy shaped in the round flat form of UFOs. Each jar goes for about

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