Sunday, December 11, 2011

Food, beverages and swimming pools

Once in a while you and your family (even your friends for that matter) planning a get together for an afternoon of fun at the pool. And which get along is not complete without a few food and drinks?

We take a look at things step by step, shall we?

a. make sure that the pool clean and decontaminated by using the appropriate swimming pool chemicals. Verify that equipment and chemicals are the cleaning stored and correctly locked way, to avoid any undesired incidence.

b. setting up the tables and chairs to safe removed removed from the pool. Belt should be placed at the convenient and accessible place.

c. bin at 2-3 determine places between the tables, so that no one too far in search of it.

d. use of plastic utensils, plates and drinking glasses. As a result, the risk of something will break accidentally removed. The last thing, you want that is, a splinter of broken glass or ceramics lying around, if everybody barefoot to have. Glass is impossible in a pool and this means to see what you drain and the pool safely to sweep it.

Although alcoholic drinks in parties are common practice, we recommend e. that you these are not used, if you are planning to swim people. Just like drinking and driving don't mix - are swimming and drinking a lethal combination. Top the punch a little bit, if you must, but you make sure, that not making it drunk enough to someone. It goes without saying that if someone drunk, allow not the person to get that, until He|she is completely sober in the pool.

f. make you sure that the food is served properly cooked. Make things as much as possible, at least one hour before serving. Cold dishes should be cold (it put on a tray with ice and only serve to consume as much as within 30 minutes or an hour). It would be better still try not to serve food that spoils easily. She don't want that someone with a bad stomach at the end.

With a pool party with food and drink fun can most, especially when family and friends to share it with.

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