Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food & Drinks - Why Organic Food is Expensive

Today, people are very health conscious. They exercise more and tend to go for healthier food. As demand for organic food is high, the cost of it increases too. Organic foods are healthy and finding fruits and vegetables that are organically grown in supermarkets is not easy because not all supermarkets carry them.

Organic foods are more difficult to produce and there are more work in which it is planted and harvested. This means that more manpower is needed and thus the cost of it is more expensive. Also, farmers do not use chemical to protect the food. They use other ways to care for the food and thus making the growth process very tedious. As more money is needed to grow these type of food, they will charge more so as to recoup their cost and time.

Farmers need to buy land in order to grow fresh organic vegetables and fruits. However, the yield of organic food is much lesser than with conventional methods. This means that a land will produce lesser food then it would otherwise produce. So they tend to increase the price of organic food so that they can make a good profit.

As you can see, growing organic food is not cheap. However, many people still wonder why organic foods don't cost less. They think that as they do not need to use chemicals to protect the food, they should be able to save some money and pass on the savings to the consumers. This is simply not the case.

While people always want to eat healthy food, some may not want to buy organic food due to the high cost. If you cannot convince yourself that the 10% - 30% markup is justifiable, organic food is not for you.

Now, it is time for some good news. Today, more farmers are growing organic foods. This means that the technology will improve. Hopefully, there will be new ideas implemented in the near future that will lower the overall cost to produce these food and pass the savings to the consumers so that more people can get to enjoy eating healthier food.

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