Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Cookies - Recipe For Mincemeat Cookies

Mincemeat in olden times was contained in a crust and known as Christmas pie. The Puritans associated the pie with Catholics and thus, they were banned. But the concoction survived and can be found pre-made in jars around Christmas time.

Made up of apples and other fruits, it did indeed contain meat at one time. Nowadays the only meat in mincemeat is the beef suet or fat found around the kidneys of cows, sheep or pigs. Read the label. You can buy it vegetarian style as well. The suet is usually substituted with palm oil. I make it without any oil at all.

Because of the spices and the brandy contained in most recipes, mincemeat is better if the fruit is allowed to absorb these flavors over several days. Some recommend three days, while others feel two weeks is better. Just put it together and refrigerate it ahead of time, so you can make the cookies later.

Double the following mincemeat recipe if you are making a pie. I prefer these bite-sized holiday cookies of stuffed pastry myself. It is a little work, because you have to roll the dough, but then you would roll the dough for a pie as well.

Peal, core and dice up a Granny Smith apple. Chop up and add

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