Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Office Catering for Businesses

ByAmber Spradley

For many people in our society today, their office is a home away from home. Most people stay at their offices at least 8 hours a day. They exhaust all their energies in doing their office-related jobs. Many important events, such as meetings, trainings, and seminars, take place in the offices that we work in. With many things that need to be done in the office, company officials rely on office catering service providers to help them organize in-office events.

Most companies choose catering services from food companies for buffets and luncheons during office events. An office catering business is one of the most innovative and most popular small businesses that you can start at your own home. It yields a huge income especially if your customers loved your catering. If you love cooking, can work under pressure, have good marketing skills, and are creative, then entering the office catering business may prove to be a very wise decision.

The good thing about starting your own office catering business is that you only have to work doubly hard when you have an event to organize. After your stint, you may do other stuff during your vacant time. It is important to have a wide social network in order to effectively market your catering business. Once you have already marketed your business and already have a prospective client, it is important to keep in mind the following reminders for a safe and smooth-sailing event:

Creative menu. Creativity is key for your office catering business. You must offer your client a diverse menu to choose from. You should be versatile in making your menu. It is imperative that you provide them with a good combination of food choices and remember to make your suggestions to help the client decide better.
Ingredients. In order to provide outstanding dishes, it is also imperative that you use the right kinds of ingredients. Ask your client what they want. Make it your business to know if there are people who are allergic to certain types of ingredients so that you can find alternatives. Choosing the wrong ingredients may jeopardize your office catering business.
Theme. Knowing that you will be catering a business event may not be sufficient. You have to make sure what type of business event it is. Is it a meeting, a seminar, a fundraiser? Will executives be attending the event or the rank-and-file employees? Is it a formal or an informal gathering? Knowing all these will help you in setting-up your presentation.

Office catering has great potential. It allows you to earn rewarding profits while doing what you love: cooking. Lavish and exotic dishes may not always win your clients' hearts. Instead, prepare something that is healthy and delectable. It may be helpful to have a large social network wherein you can market your office catering business. Friends might know others who might want to avail your services during their office meetings. Office catering will allow you to have more income than other do-it-yourself businesses.

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