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To avoid things during pregnancy - dangerous food, drinks and medicines

There are a number of measures to check during pregnancy. Here we focus on what the rule enters your body through the mouth. In other words, food, drinks and drugs. You should eat, good, healthy diet and increase you eat from around 200-300 calories per day. A person must also all foods to avoid that may be harmful to the baby.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

All foods containing raw eggs because of the risk of salmonella.
All soft and mould growth pasteurisierten cheese and other dairy products. Listeria bacteria can contain this dangerous.
The toxoplasmosis can cause unwashed fruits and vegetables and raw or cooked meat (e.g., pâté or even pork), because they may contain the parasite.
Any supplement with vitamin A and all meals (mainly the liver)-reich at levels of vitamin A, as large amounts of vitamin A can cause birth defects.
Note: studies have shown that it now longer necessary or advisable, peanuts for those to avoid, that have a family history of allergies.


Although it is generally considered safe to drink small amounts of alcohol (between two and four units a week) it is clearly at best as little as possible during pregnancy and consume when silent. Binge--drink is not secure and should be avoided at all costs.

Diet if breastfeeding

To provide you with energy, as well as help care to maintain a good milk, you should:

consume and drink something more than usual and make sure that you do not skip meals, because you are too tired or too busy.
You are able, everything what you want but some kids eat windy and insecure, if you, garlic, spicy dishes such as curry or excessive levels of citrus food.
Consume plenty of fluids.

Drugs and breast-feeding

The majority of the above - counter medications such as acetaminophen are safe to take while breastfeeding, but read always the brochure to verify that the drugs for nursing mothers are suitable.
Some medications (e.g. anti-antibiotics) can give your baby diarrhea or even him uncomfortable with the wind or colic. This should not really damage your baby, but when he or she reacts very badly you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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