Thursday, December 1, 2011

Benefits of Using an Italian Wine Merchant

BySalli Berman

Businesses that serve wine are always on the hunt for the best Italian wine. Whether you have a restaurant or a café, run a hotel, or have a catering business, there's always the need to find the next great wine that will be able to wow your customers. You want to have the best wine, and sometimes that means that you will have to deal directly with an Italian wine merchant, or a distributor who will be able to contact them on your behalf. Buying from the local discount stores might be able to help you save a little bit of money, but the wine that you find there will often be subpar.

What Does an Italian Wine Merchant Offer?

One of the best things about dealing directly with the merchant selling the wine or a distributor who will be able to contact the wineries in Italy is the fact that you will have access to wines that other people might just not have. When it's possible to order directly from someone who has contact with the vineyard, you will be able to cut out some of the middlemen.

A problem that stems from dealing with local companies rather than the Italian wine merchant is in the realm of inventory. The local stores may not have all of the wine you need, and they might not have the type that you need. With the merchants, you will be able to know how much wine is available, and you can order it directly. Since you are ordering directly, you will also find that you can save money.

How could this help you save money? If you are buying from the local stores, you are paying more for the wine because you have to pay the store for selling it. Even when they have "discount" prices, you are paying for the overhead, shipping, employees, and more, so you really aren't saving as much as you think. When ordering directly through an Italian wine merchant, you will be able to save more. They are able to order in bulk and do not have the same expenses as the stores do. It's even cheaper than buying directly through a winery.

Going through the wine merchant rather than the vineyard also helps to save time. If you don't speak Italian, you may have some trouble when you are trying to order directly from a winery in Italy! With the merchant, he or she will act as an intermediary. You let them know what you need, and they are able to provide it to you for a better price than you might imagine.

The Right Italian Wine Merchant

It's important that you choose the right Italian wine merchant for your business. It's best if you find a company that's been doing this for a number of years, as they will have better relationships with the different wineries. It's also important that you find someone who knows wine and not only business. They need to be able to offer you a wide variety of wines from all of the different areas of Italy.

Salli Berman is a Documentation Specialist at WRIS Web Services. BelVino is an Italian wine merchant of fine Italian wines including Abruzzo wine.

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