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Los Angeles Food History - 4 Contributions

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Food had always been a favorite thing to talk about - or eat, throughout time. Ever since the yesteryears, up until today people are always on the lookout for the best food to satisfy their savory needs. However, many people fail to appreciate the history behind some of the best tasting food. Many do not know the history behind most of the franchises and giant food corporations that are popular today. Here are some brief history on some food which had been "discovered" in Los Angeles.

Orange Julius

Many people know about this wonderful drinks and beverages chain outlet, along with its wonderful tasting treats, but most do not know that it all started out in the streets of Los Angeles in 1926. Founded by Julius Freed, this food franchise started off as an orange juice stand which earned a measly $20 a day. When Julius served the drink to his real estate broker, Bill Hamlin, in 1929, it bothered his stomach due to the acidity. Bill made some alteration in the recipe which made the orange juice more creamier, less acidic and frothier. Julius started to serve the drink, and sales skyrocketed. People would line up and often shouted, "Give me and Orange, Julius", and hence, the name "Orange Julius" was born.

Carl's Jr

Whenever you see that smiley star, the first thing that comes to mind are the delicious hot dogs served at one of US's top fast food chain, Carl's Jr. Many do not know that Carl's Jr. started off as Carl's Hot Dog Stand in Los Angeles in the year 1941 by Carl Karcher. From a mere hot dog stand, it soon expended due to its popularity, and today, Carl's Jr. serves people from all around the world hungry for its signature hot dog which was found in Los Angeles.

The Cheesecake Factory

The cheesecake factory is one of US's most popular restaurant. It started out as a bakery in Los Angeles in 1972 by the Overton couple, Oscar and Evelyn. The cakes were immensely popular, and soon it expanded to a bigger bakery in 1975. Their son, David Overton soon expanded the bakery into a restaurant in 1978, and ever since, business had just bloomed, and it had expended to several countries around the world.

The French Dip Sandwich
While there were many food franchise discovered in Los Angeles, there are also culinary inventions that originated from Los Angeles. Also known as the beef dip, this savory culinary had been found in Los Angeles when it was served first by Philipe Restaurant, which was designed by Philipe Mathieu in 1918. These are just some of the few food which had been discovered in Los Angeles.

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