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Broken Glass on a GE Profile Glass Cooktop

Print this articleThe General Electric Profile electric cooktop features a glass surface instead of metal grates for cooking, and requires careful use to prevent accidental breaking or chipping. A chipped or broken cooktop is unusable and dangerous to use. The crack or chip can worsen with continuous use and using it while damaged may void your warranty.

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Using heavy cookware or incorrectly handling cookware on the cooktop can cause cracks in the glass surface. Cookware that has a curved or uneven bottom puts pressure directly on the glass and increases the risk of cracks in the glass. In addition to uneven surfaces, heavy cookware, even with a flat surface, puts excessive weight on the cooktop and increases the likelihood of eventual cracking.

Improper Use

The glass surface is durable yet prone to scratches that are normally buffed out as you continuously clean the glass surface with the Cerama Bryte cleaning solution. Dragging cookware against the glass surface can result in a deep scratch that gradually worsens as the cooktop is exposed to heavy cookware; it will eventually create a deep crack that renders the appliance useless until the glass is replaced. Avoid dragging cookware against the glass cooktop to prevent scratches, and clean your cooktop after use to prevent food spills from hardening and diminishing the quality of your appliance.

Improper Cleaning

Sugary spills that harden can permanently damage the glass surface, and when combined with improper cleaning can result in an unusable cooktop. Use only Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning solution and cleaning supplies to eliminate spills and remove them from your GE Profile cooktop, and do not use excessive force when scrubbing up spills to reduce damage to the surface. A razor can be used to scrape off hardened liquids, but must be used with care at a 45-degree angle to prevent causing a deep scratch on the glass surface.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Replacement of your glass cooktop is mandatory if the glass surface is broken, as it cannot be repaired without professional assistance. Service repair for your GE Profile cooktop depends on your appliance's warranty, as your product must still be in the warranty period if you are to receive free at-home replacement of the glass surface. GE customer support is available at (800) 626-2224 to schedule a service appointment and determine the eligibility for replacement.

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