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Wedding food, beverages and catering options

After the exchange of wedding vows, guests and the newly married couple willing to let loose at the reception, where food satisfactory you and drink expect. When it comes to meals and refreshments for the wedding planning, chooses a bride and groom usually between "American" service, buffet-style, family, or food stations. Below some of the ways to offer wedding guests food and drinks for an explanation:


Seated or sit-down menu at many Weddings is seen as an "American style"-refers to gastronomy escapade. It is one of the most commonly selected services catering, because allows many guests eat it it fast and get with the least amount of servers. The dinner is prepared in a kitchen and then bowls served to the guests with the use of banquet.


Since guests serve themselves with a buffet-style wedding reception food, takes it more time for all participants receive their food. Usually numbered tables are called to avoid congestion in smaller wedding settings or larger places guests can form orderly. A guest can satisfied with a buffet-style, feel like they the kinds of foods that they will consume a wide variety of vegetables, meats and desserts at large tables displayed decide supply.


With this kind of food sitting guests at specific tables, because they placed can select from a plate on the table. Participants pass the food to other guests at the table, which sometimes is a fairly expensive choice. This is because portion control is impossible and guests are allowed to eat as much food as they want, keep all full records with the caterer.

Food stations

Stations for the wedding is the choice food a similar range of buffet-style arrangement. Selection of foods such as pasta, stirring-roasting, Kebobs, various appetizers and sweets are prepared at the request of the couple and served to the guests at the buffet tables. A plus is that guests are kept entertained, as their food before their faces cooks.

Forget not the drinks

Alcohol and other beverages is an important function at the reception there are many ways that this wedding factor to approach. Couples can your guests with an open bar or even bar, cocktail-hour cash dry or present limited.

Open bar (or even bar)

The most expensive option to drinks for guests is to provide an open bar, where guests order a drink which she lifted with the couple want the tab are allowed. At the end of the recording of the bartender counts the amount of alcohol (bottle) and fees according to bottom line consumed. A good cash helps reduce costs by restricting the types of alcohol such as replacing top brands for "House" liqueurs selected.

Cocktail hour

Couples find a cocktail hour can offer to cut more costs, who works as an open bar for a certain period of time, where is then in a cash bar for the rest of the front desk.

Limited bar

A limited bar serves a range of architecture students wines, beers and mixed drinks at the reception, when offered the additional selection for a price.

Dry bar

Sparkling water, soda and non-alcoholic mixed drinks in place for the bride and groom who want to include no alcohol in their receipt.

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