Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food, drink and sleep

Eat and drink, such as sleep, are an essential part to live a healthy and fulfilled lives, but we often forget that our body as a whole works. Most of us, such as fail to confirm, caffeine and rich food the effects of alcohol may be on our sample sleep, I feel frustrated, when we sleep the required amount of time, yet not feel updated.

In the city, most people are completely continent want to live. Try you wrestling with a cup of cappuccino from the hands of caffeine leave for work begins addict just before the appreciate, support to help make as many of us on this, leave through the day. In this sense, it is worth to admit your weaknesses, and planning from your daily diet to avoid food and drinks, who know you to keep them awake and to start, to appreciate more numbing foods later in the day.

Sleep and weight

For those trying to lose weight, and sleep can be significant. A study at Columbia University in New York indicates that a link between sleep and the wave of the obesity U.S. is. The research suggests that the the less likely are more you sleep, you are obese. People, which is less than the recommended amount of sleep each night to 73% be more obese, although, of course, obesity is also usually the result of other factors of lifestyle. It has also proven that it disseminated a link between middle-age men and equality of sleep have., during sleep, produce growth hormone. This hormone maintains muscle tone meaningless, but it sleep and need declines naturally with age, such as the height. The problem is, if she not their sleep needs to fill, it is not as much of the growth hormone as to speed up the stomach bump konnte-the arrival.

The bad stuff

Will keep you awake caffeine and drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks, at night, if you it, you need your final cut at least five hours before bedtime enjoy. The same applies to heavy, rich foods. Although scientists say, that it why such foods you should keep awake no direct chemical reasons, must continue to your digestive system food break. Because this one of the functions which can shut down body during sleep, keep it, the quality of your sleep influence, until it has finished its work, rich meal with alcohol of 22 is not the best idea; Neither spicy foods, onions, or peppers, includes suggestive dishes, which you can get indigestion and delay the onset of sleep.

As a general, you should try to avoid the following foods later in the evening:

Fatty foods can cause heartburn, leads to difficulties falling asleep and complaints during the night.
Foods that can tyramine (bacon, cheese, ham, aubergines (eggplants), hot peppers, Rothbury, avocado, soya sauce, red wine) you awake at night. Still does, that the release of norepinephrine, brain stimulants.

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