Thursday, December 8, 2011

Want Some Sushi?

ByKen Wyandot

Sushi used to be a specialty food of raw fish that originated in Japan, but in recent years it is now possible to find a sushi bar in your home town. Sushi is not particularly cheap and especially if you choose a restaurant as opposed to a sushi bar, the prices can be quite elevated. So, you should really do some background research into the bars that are found in your area to find one that really will offer you a top quality product as well as service. To therefore determine which the best places are for trying this delicacy you will need to do some research and this could start by word of mouth.

If a new sushi bar has opened up in your town and you are feeling a little adventurous, chances are that you will want to try out the cuisine there. But, if you have never eaten this type of delicacy before then you really will not know what you are looking for and you will need to take some advice. As sushi is still not so common apart from in the biggest cities, you may experience the problem that you just don't know if what you are tasting is the real deal or not. Sushi certainly is a bit of an acquired taste and sushi bars are probably not a great choice of restaurant if you are going to take kids with you; mind you, oriental children eat sushi.

So, firstly try and find out what the locals think of the sushi bar in your town. This can be a little tricky as some may say that they don't like it, but that really could mean that the food was not to their tastes. Sushi is a delicacy and if you want to taste the real deal then you need to make sure that the restaurant owners are indeed from Japan or other countries where sushi is traditionally eaten. Once you have made sure of this, you can ask around to the neighbours to see what the standard of the service was and the cleanliness of the whole outfit. Once you have established that the service is good and the restaurant is clean, the best way to see if you like the food is to go along and try it.

If however you live in a large metropolis or city, then you will probably have a handful of sushi bars to choose from. If you like to eat a hearty and filling meal, then this kind of set up will not be for you; sushi is generally served in bite sized pieces, each ration served on some lightly toasted bread. In this way, sushi can be quite similarly compared to Spanish tapas where little snacks are served to you. So, in a large city, you can try looking at the local pages to find your best sushi bar; this really is a great way as only the best businesses will be advertised in your local pages, and these booklets are made in order to promote the town.

Lastly, a great method for finding the best sushi bar and for studying the menu before you visit is by looking online. A simple engine search for sushi bars in your area will allow you to see just where they are located. When you search online, try not to concentrate too much on the website and how great it looks; concentrate on the customer comments that you will find attached to the forums. These will give you a real insight into what you should order and just what to expect when you visit. Customer forums will give an unbiased view on the service you should expect; but don't forget that if you really want to know what sushi really is like, then what you really need to do is to book a table at your local bar and find out for yourself.

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