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How to Change the Blades on a KitchenAid Mixer

Print this articleA KitchenAid mixer is capable of whipping, blending, stirring and kneading through the use of detachable mixer blades that come with the appliance or can be purchased separately for advanced features. The mixer has 10 speeds, a flat edge beater and a stainless steel wire whip for basic mixing. Advanced mixing is possible by swapping the blades for specific preparation requirements.

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A stainless steel wire whip, spiral dough hook and flat beater are the standard mixing blades included with a KitchenAid mixer. They are interchangeable by unplugging the mixer, pushing the beater up and turning it to the left to disengage it from the mixer. Once the beater is removed, an alternative mixing blade can be inserted into the beater opening on the mixer. The mixing blade locks into place when securely attached to the appliance.

Blade Attachment

Inserting the beater into the empty shaft on the mixer and pushing up on the beater until it no longer moves ensures the beater does not accidentally fall out during use of the mixer. Gently turning the beater to the right locks it into place and allows you to begin using the mixer once the power cord is plugged into the electric outlet and the mixer is turned on. Verify that the power cord is unplugged whenever handling the beaters because the risk of personal injury is high if the appliance remains powered.


Using only KitchenAid-approved mixer attachments helps to maintain the appliance's performance and the appliance's and user's safety. Improper use of a KitchenAid mixer can cause personal injury and/or permanent damage to the product and voids its warranty. Removing the beater is necessary to clean the beater's blades thoroughly. The beater can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


Replacement of a KitchenAid mixer's standard blades is available at KitchenAid retailers and directly from KtichenAid by calling 855-845-9684. Replacement or additional mixer accessories also are available for purchase at KitchenAid's website, When purchasing a replacement part, verify that the mixer's model number matches the replacement part to ensure you order the correct part.

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