Friday, December 9, 2011

How To Know Which Is The Best Hamburger Joint

ByKen Wyandot

Hamburgers have been a firm family favorite for decades. It may be because of the convenience, or perhaps because of the texture and taste, but this delicious meat patty is a firm favorite all over the world. The hamburger of course does not actually have to be made from ham, and you can find one hundred percent beef burgers for those who stick to a halal diet, and of course the vegetarian options made of tofu, beans or pulses. So, when your family is demanding burgers for their dinner, then you need to know which the best hamburger joint is.

In fact, it is not just locating the best outlet for hamburgers that you need to think about; you need to keep your options open and decide whether you wish to buy your best hamburger from a fast food joint, whether you wish to buy frozen burgers to cook at home, or of course if you wish to prepare them yourself or buy them fresh from the butcher. If you really want a to quality burger, then buying some lean minced meat and preparing them yourself has to be the best option, but of course not the most economic one.

Eating out or going to fetch your burgers from your local drive though can indeed work out cheaper than buying fresh burgers from the butcher shop or making then yourself. But the problem with burgers bought from fast food outlets, just like ones you buy in economy frozen packs is that you are never sure just what you are eating. In fact, in hamburger joints the special offers are so cheap that it really does become slightly worrying what ingredients go into these mass produced snacks. The more you think about it, the more you worry, and the necessity to find out of course heightens.

The most famous fast food outlets will give you information leaflets that will state just what goes into their burger meat, as well as what other ingredients you may find. Especially in frozen burgers you will find huge proportions of water and bread crumbs that make up the weight of the product. If you wish to look at your own leisure, then log onto the websites of the fast food chains and browse the ingredients list. Here, you also need to watch for salt content, calories and other added ingredients. Although a firm might easily state that their burgers are 100% pure meat, you still need to question just which cut of the animal is being used for the purpose.

So, in answer to the question which is the best hamburger, then the answer has got to be the one you prepare by hand at home. Here, you can even go one step further to making the perfect burger by buying and cooking a cut of prime pork or beef, and making your own minced meat. This is a great option if you wish to avoid cheap minced meat on sale in the butchers shop; once again, just like of you buy your burgers in the local drive through, you really are no closer to knowing what you are actually eating unless you prepare it totally from scratch at home.

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